Form of Deed from Seller

Explain the different types of deeds

Are you looking for the best form of Deed from Seller? Then, you can find ample templates of these forms in the internet. You can download the professional one that includes all the terms and conditions clearly without leaving any room for the legal jargons. Generally, a deed is executed by the seller as per the instructions and directions given by the purchaser. However, after preparing the deed both the buyer and seller have to sign along with the date and title to avoid tiffs in the near future. This form will help the buyer to protect their title in case of unforeseen title risks in the long run.  Ideally, the Form of Deed from Seller is nothing but a legal document which transfer the title of the property from one person to another. Generally, there are various types of property deeds available. Each deed has a specific purpose. Here are a few common deeds that are discussed in brief.

Warranty deed: This kind of legal document is used in residential property. This document proves that the seller has the right to sell the property to the buyer and guarantees that the property is free from debts, liens and other title risks. Moreover, in future, if the buyer faces any title threat, then the seller should defend for the buyer and make sure that they get the compensation for the future title risks or any unclear debts.

Special warranty deed: This is slightly different to that of warranty deed. In this type of deed, the seller is not liable for the title risks that were possessed before he had purchased the property. The seller only assures the buyer, if there were any risks possessed during their ownership of the title. This type of deed is used in both commercial and residential properties.

Form Of Deed From Seller

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Sample Template Preview


Upon the exercise of the option, the deed to be executed by the seller, ________________, shall be a ______________________________ (specify form of deed to be implemented), and shall extend to the grantee or grantees, _____________________________________   in accordance with the following directions or instructions of the purchaser: _____________________________________________________________________

____________________________        ___________________        ______________
Signature                                          Title                                       Date

____________________________        ___________________        ______________
Signature                                          Title                                       Date