Deed on Redemption of Ground Rent 2

Deed On Redemption Of Ground Rent


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Deed on redemption of ground rent.

This deed, made this _________ day of _________[month], in the year _________, by and between _________, a body corporate of the State of _________, of the first part, grantor, and _________, of _________ County, State of _________, of the second part, grantee.
In consideration of the sum of five dollars, and other valuable considerations, receipt acknowledged, the grantor grants and conveys to grantee, his [her] heirs and assigns, in fee-simple, all that lot(s) of ground situate in the _________ District of _________ County, in the State of _________, and described as follows: [Here appears a legal description of the property.]
The leasehold interest in the property was acquired by the party of the second part by deed of assignment dated _________, and recorded among the land records in _________, folio _________, from _________ and _________ together with the buildings and improvements and the rights, alleys, ways, waters, privileges, appurtenances and advantages to it belonging or in anywise appertaining, the reversion and especially the clear, separate annual ground rent issuing and payable as stated above.
To have and to hold the described lot(s) of ground and premises, to and to the use of _________, his [her] heirs and assigns, in fee-simple, to the end and intent that the leasehold estate may be merged in the fee and the above annual ground rent be forever extinguished.
The grantor covenants that it will warrant the property granted and conveyed, and that it will execute any further assurances of the land as may be required.