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Deed for Future Support of Grantor

Deed for Future Support of Grantor

Prepare a legal document for future support of grantor without any legal jargons

Are you planning to prepare a Deed for Future Support of Grantor for your family member who has no one but a little property? Then, you need to hire a lawyer or download the forms from the online to prepare this form. However, instead of shelling out money on the lawyer, you can prepare the form right at the comfort of your home by downloading from the internet. This Deed for Future Support of Grantor form covers all the terms and conditions without leaving any room for the legal jargons. This is a mutual agreement made between the grantor and grantee. However, in this agreement, the grantee has to provide the financial support, clothes, food and other expenses to the grantor until his/her death and after which he/she can sell the property under the name of grantor to make money. Though, the title of the property is not transferred to the name of the grantee, but the grantee possesses all the rights to enjoy the income that he/she gets on the property by leasing, renting or by giving for cultivation. The sole responsibility of the grantee is to make the grantor comfortable during their lifetime by fulfilling all their needs.

Most importantly, the grantee has to keep the property under good condition and has to use the income that they got on the property on supporting, clothing and maintaining the grantor. However, the title of the property is passed on to the grantee, if and only if the conditions written in the agreement are fulfilled faithfully. However, if the grantee fails or neglects to take care of the grantors clothing, food and other needs, then the agreement becomes void and the title is again passed on to the grantor provided when the grantor pay money to the grantee for taking care until then. The amount to be paid to the grantee for their services that they provided to the grantor till then will be little less than the income that was earned by the grantor on leasing or renting the property.  This deed will be void only when the grantee fails to fulfill the needs of the grantor.

Deed for Future Support of Grantor

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