Alienation of Property

Prepare the alienation form as per the property law while transferring your property to other’s name

Alienation is selling a piece of the property to others or transferring the property from one person to another. However, if you are alienating the property, then you have to prepare a form for it. There are umpteen forms available in the online or otherwise, you can hire a lawyer to get this form prepared for a small fee. This form has to include all the terms and conditions clearly without leaving any room for loopholes to either parties. When this agreement is prepared, then the property should not be occupied, rented, leased or pass the title to another party without the written consent. As per the property laws, the alienation of property is being defined as the right to sell or pass on the property rights from the owner of the property to another person. There are certain restraints that are commonly faced on this Alienation of Property include prohibiting from partitioning the property, does not have right to use the land, etc.

It is important to hire professional and experienced lawyers to alienate the property for legally transferring the rights of the owner of the property to another party. However, it is vital to embrace a standard procedure to transfer the property. Instead of transferring the property verbally, there should be a concrete proof, i.e. in writing. In a few countries, transferring of property by verbal agreement is considered to be invalid. It is important for the owners to transfer the property title to another by registering and recording it in the legal records. The person who purchases the property has to pay the transfer fees. The time taken for transferring the property relies on the parties, paperwork, transfer fee and deeds office. When alienating the property, it is important to get it signed by the witnesses and attested by a notary public to make it valid. In case, if the seller makes any changes to the agreement, then both the parties must sign on the changed agreement for validation.

Alienation Of Property

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Sample Template Preview

Alienation of property.

No sublot of the property conveyed shall be occupied, leased, rented, conveyed, or otherwise alienated, nor shall the title or possession pass to another, without the written consent of the _________ Company, except that _________ Company may not withhold consent if and after a written request has been made to _________ Company to permit occupation, leasing, renting, conveying, or alienation by a majority of the owners of the sublots [which are subject to the same restrictions as in section No. _________ set forth and which adjoin or face the sublot concerning which the consent is requested] upon both sides of the street or streets the sublot [as to which consent is requested] fronts or abuts and within a distance of _________ sublots from the respective sidelines of the sublot [as to which consent is requested], except (1) transfer of title by way of devise or inheritance, in which case the devisee or heir shall take the property subject to the restrictions imposed, and except (2) that the sublot may be mortgaged or subjected to judicial sale, though in no case shall a purchaser of the premises at judicial sale have any right to occupy, lease, rent, convey, or otherwise alienate the premises without the written consent of _________ Company first obtained in the manner stated above.