Affidavit by Grantor That He Or She Has Title and Possession

Prepare an affidavit by grantor that he/she has title to avoid legal disputes

Are you planning to prepare Affidavit by Grantor That He or She Has Title and Possession? Then, you can find the templates in online. However, if you are unsure about the terms and conditions to be included, then you can hire a lawyer or law firm to prepare this form in a right format. This Affidavit by Grantor That He or She Has Title and Possession has to be prepared correctly without any flaws. Generally, if you face any kind of legal disputes in the near future, then you can submit this form to the court to prove your innocence. This form states that the property of the beneficiary is untouched and undistributed. Most importantly, this form also states that neither the property is purchased by another nor it is in disputes. In addition, this property is not being distributed to any of their heirloom. The main objective of this form is to ensure that the grantor possesses the rights and title of the property. In addition, this form also clearly mentions that there is no lawsuits being filed in the court and there is not legal conviction pending on the property premises.

Moreover, the premises do not have any taxes, encumbrances, mortgage, decree, judgment pending. It is important to record the court proceeding filed in the state, national or in the office of the clerk of the superior court. Most importantly, you need to record the liens clearly. This form also clearly states that there are no judgments, no decrees, no bankruptcy cases and no amount to be paid to other parties after the judgment. Undeniably, this form also states the deponent is the sole owner of the premises as written in the deed. Most importantly, this form includes the age of the deponent, the state where he/she is residing, and the spouse of the deponent.

Affidavit By Grantor That He Or She Has Title And Possession

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Sample Template Preview

Affidavit by grantor that he or she has title and possession.

I, A.B., of _________, in county of _________, and state of _________, being duly sworn, do say that the property described in the deed to C.D. has been held by deponent and preceding owners for the period of more than _________ years and that possession has been peaceable and undisturbed, and that the title has never been disputed or questioned to my knowledge or belief. No person has any valid contract for the purchase of the premises, or any part, unknown to G.H., attorneys for the grantee, nor does deponent know any facts by reason of which the possession of or title to the premises, or any part, might be disputed or questioned, or by reason of which any claim to any part of the property, or to an undivided interest, adverse to deponent, might be alleged, set up or made. There is no suit or proceeding pending in any court or elsewhere affecting the premises or any part. The premises are free and clear of all taxes, encumbrances, or liens by attachment, notice, mortgage, decree, judgment, or by statute, or by reason of any proceedings in any court, state or national, or filed in the office of the clerk of any county or court in this state, and of all other liens of every nature and sort recorded or unrecorded, except as follows: _________[specifying them].
Deponent further says that there are no judgments, decrees, attachments, or orders of any court or officer for the payment of money against him [her] individually or in connection with any other party, unsatisfied or not cancelled of record in any of the courts or before any officer of the United States or of this state, and that no proceedings in bankruptcy have ever been instituted by or against him [her] in any court, or before any officer of any state, or of the United States.
Deponent further states that he [she] is now in possession as sole owner of the premises, which are the premises described in the deed to C.D., and further says that he [she] resides at _________, that he [she] is a citizen of the United States of America, of the age of _________ years and upwards, and is married to _________, who is the same person who has executed the deed with deponent, and who is over the age of 18 years.
Deponent further says that all the statements and representations in this affidavit are made in order to induce the grantee to pay to deponent the sum of _________ dollars.
Subscribed and sworn before me this _________ day of _________[month], _________[year].