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Assorted Legal Forms

Shortsale checklist given to sellers

The goods that can be transferred through this sales contract are either goods that are in sellers name at present or some goods that will be in the possession of the seller in the future or any contingent goods. The specific goods and generic goods are the type of existing goods that can be a part of this contract.


When a short sale process takes place the lenders will need some information so the process of short sale goes smooth. This information of each individual that is involved in the transaction is provided in the form of documents. To make sure that all the documents are in place there is a checklist that helps the seller to keep the track of all the documents.


The Garn St. Germain Act came into force in 1982, October to deal with the high inflation. In those times the banks were restricted from increasing the interest rates on deposits and this made the people to turn to mutual funds market which promised greater returns.


Financial emergencies are very common nowadays. Our business minded world does not allow us to patch up financial emergencies so easily. Sometimes unavoidable financial emergencies may occur in a family. You will have to seek fiscal aid from available resources.

PROPERTY FACT SHEET – Assorted Legal Forms

If you are not familiar with property fact sheets, it means you are a stranger to real estate business. This is by far the best marketing technique to attract buyers. Before selling your property, it will be better to browse through some marketing and selling techniques used by agents. This will give you a competitive edge, while selling your property.

Promissory Note-Assorted Legal Forms

A promissory note is the promise in written, to pay a sum to a certain person or the bearer on demand or on a date that has been specified beforehand. It is a legal document and implies the person or institution who has signed it to pay a certain amount of money to the aforesaid person at a time

Preliminary Credit Application-Assorted Legal Forms

Credit cards are very useful nowadays. If you have a good job, you must get a credit card. It allows you to purchase anything, even if your account balance is zero. There are many ways you can get hold of a credit card. Credit cards are very helpful for travelers.

Power of Attorney – Assorted

This is a document that is legally binding and gives the power to a person whom you have appointed to take decisions in the company on your behalf. You may be unavailable for making any decisions because of many reasons such as

Power of Attorney 2 -Appointment of Property Manager with LP

For those who have a large estate but very little time to manage it things can be really confusing. There are many decisions about the real estate that need to be taken on a daily basis. But due to lack of proper time these decisions either keeps getting delayed or are taken in a hurry.

New Property or New Tenant Info-Assorted Legal Forms

If you have worked hard enough in the beginning of your career and now want to keep things easier, renting out your property is the best option. You can give your commercial or residential property for rent.

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