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PROPERTY FACT SHEET – Assorted Legal Forms


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If you are not familiar with property fact sheets, it means you are a stranger to real estate business. This is by far the best marketing technique to attract buyers. Before selling your property, it will be better to browse through some marketing and selling techniques used by agents. This will give you a competitive edge, while selling your property. A good fact sheet will be remembered by the buyer for a long time. You don’t have to write an essay about the specialties of your property, no one is going to read it all. You have to be precise about the features. Remember, it is a fact sheet, so try to avoid ornamental words.

This is also the best way to have an uncluttered selling process. You can avoid so many unwanted calls and save your time. Only those who are genuinely interested will call you and enquire. If you are selling a home, you must include the square foot area. You can start with the location and contact number. You can use bullet points or numbers to specify other features like materials, paint color, furniture, landscape etc… Make sure you list the important things at top.

A photo of your property with a small but good catchphrase will further enhance your chances. It will be better to write “negotiable price” for keeping the route open for buyers. You can easily find a good example of property fact sheet from any of the online resources.

Property Fact Sheet

Property Fact Sheet

Property Fact Sheet


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