Instructions to Bidders

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How instructions to bidders gets you the right bid

When a tender opens for bidding the bidders may not have any idea about what are the specifics of the work that has t be done and this is why there is a provision of issuing instructions to bidders.

This is a document that outlines the requirements of the bid so that the bidder may be able to prepare a bid that is in line with the requirements of the company or employer who has put forth the bid.

The instructions to bidders must also contain

  • the last date of submission of bid
  • opening date f the bid
  • evaluation of the bid
  • awarding of the contract

This is an important document as it will invite the potential bidders who will be all prepared with all the requirements in consideration.

You must be able to put forth a specific date or all the work that goes in bidding as well as be able to list out all that you would expect in the bid.

The instruction to bidders has the following general items in the document

  • The scope of bid which gives an idea about what nature of work is expected
  • The fund allocation and how it should be used
  • The requirements on the part of the bidder which may include their qualifications as well their experience

There are numerous things that can be instructed to the bidders. The more elaborate are the instructions the more responsive the bid will be. The bidders must always prepare their bid in accordance with the instructions so as to win the bid.

Instructions To Bidders