Duties of Subcontractor 2

What is the subcontractor supposed to do?

A subcontractor is the employee who works under a contractor but is actually the real person who works at the construction site. There are many subcontractors involved in a project and all of them are required at different time during the construction because they all do a different thing. Some may be involved in erecting the walls while others may be doing the work of plumbing. So, different subcontractors have different responsibilities. But, in general the duties of subcontractor encompass the following

  • To attend the meetings that explain the requirements of the safety measure of the project
  • To provide such methods that will ensure a work place safe for the workers to carry out various jobs.
  • To present a safety plan pertaining to the site.
  • Present the safety manual of the company, the insurance certificate as well as the proof that the workers’ compensation can be covered by the insurance.
  • To be able to provide to the workers the safety equipments for a work if needed on the regular basis.
  • Provide the material and equipments necessary to carry out the work
  • To be able o accurately present an estimate of the work and the amount of money that will be needed to complete the work.
  • To be able to carry out all the task without needing any supervision and also be able to work in cooperation with other subcontractors
  • To be able to manage a team of workers which includes hiring them, paying them and dealing with any type of issue that may arise between the workers

Duties Of Subcontractor 2

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Sample Template Preview

Joint check payment agreement 

Joint Check Payment Agreement

This Agreement is made on this day, _________[date], by _________, owner or general contractor (“Owner/G.C.”) and _________, contractor or Seller’s customer (“Contractor”), who agree as follows on behalf of _________[“Seller”]:

  1. All checks issued by Owner/G.C. to Contractor for labor or materials supplied on the _________ construction project (“Project”) shall be made jointly payable to Contractor and Seller and shall be promptly delivered to Seller. Owner/G.C. may rely on any written notice provided by Seller, stating the total current indebtedness of Contractor to Seller and limiting any obligation under this Agreement for any current requisition or pay time period.
  2. Contractor agrees that it has no interest in the funds held by Owner/G.C. for Seller pursuant to this Agreement and irrevocably assigns to Seller its account receivable from Owner/G.C. to the extent that sums are justly due from Contractor to Seller under their Credit Agreement. Contractor appoints Seller its attorney in fact to sign or endorse on behalf of Contractor all checks received from Owner/G.C. or UCC Financing Statements to provide notice of this assignment.
  3. Owner/G.C. hereby guarantees the payment of sums justly due from Contractor to Seller under their Credit Agreement for materials supplied to the Project.
  4. This Agreement is provided as additional security and not in payment of obligations of Contractor to Seller and will not affect Seller’s rights to withdraw or refuse further credit, or Seller’s rights to any payment bond, mechanic’s lien, or other legal rights.
Signature: _________ Signature: _________
Name: (printed or typed) _________ Name: (printed or typed) _________
Title: _________ Title: _________
WITNESS: _________ WITNESS: _________
Name: _________ Name: _________