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Testimonial letters – the need for them

Testimonial letters are written by a person to recommend another person. Testimonial letters bear witness to the facts that are mentioned in the letter about the person for whom the letter has been written. These letters are written either by a teacher, professor, employer or someone else who is in a position to recommend someone else. It gives an accurate or rather a true reflection of the person without going overboard or misleading the reader.

Normal testimonial letters bear witness to the character, the abilities and the nature of the person. These are normally needed by new employers or when the person wants to be admitted to an educational institution or in order to gain a scholarship. It could also be needed by the court or a judge.

Testimonial letters need to have a proper opening and closing with the correct salutation. These letters should contain information about the personality traits, the skills the person possesses, the talents they have the ethics they follow and in short the character of the person. This should be written only when the person is known to the person writing the testimonial as well as they bear witness to the reputation that is mentioned in the letter.

The normal flow of a testimonial letter is first bearing reference to the character of the person in question. The next paragraph elaborates the skills or the abilities of the person and the last paragraph normally gives details of why the recommendation is being written. This is not mandatory but a good practice to be followed.

Testimonial Letter

Testimonial Letter