Subject To Info Sheet

What is subject to info sheet?

Subject to info sheet is basically the informed consent form that is supplied by the research participants to the subjects that have registered themselves into the study by the researchers. This form is intended to be read and signed by the common people this is why it must be written in a language that is easily understandable by the lay man. It is important that the researchers get the informed consent signed by all the participants in order to protect themselves of any legal complications later on.

Contents of the subject to info sheet

The info sheet must contain the information about the study that is being conducted in brief but clear language. The info sheet must state the subject of study, what all is going to happen during the study, the freedom of backing from the study at any point in time, the responsibility of the participants, the risks that may be involved along with the restrictions that the participants must follow during the study.

The participants are humans and they have all their rights to safeguard their body and identity therefore they are legally allowed to voluntarily participate and leave the study any time during the study. They are also entitled to get the details about the study they are intending to volunteer themselves for. The researcher can only ask the participants if they want to take part in the study; they cannot force or dictate anybody into doing so.


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Sample Template Preview

“Subject To” Info Sheet

Property Address:

Borrower’s Name:                           SS #

Borrower’s Name:                           SS #

Borrower’s Address:

Borrower’s Phone #’s:  H:                    O:

Lending Institution Name:                          Loan #:

Customer Service Address:

Phone Number:

Principal Balance: $

Amount in Arrearage: $

Monthly Payment: $                  [] PI     or    [] PITI

Interest Rate:             %

Start Date of Loan:

Copy of last statement or coupon book
Copy of the Promissory Note
Copy of the Mortgage