Mortgage Broker Submission- Assorted Legal Forms

How to find the right mortgage broker?

Almost every person who is going a job or running a business these days is interested in investing in real estate. Buying a property can be a great idea in many terms. It will keep your money safe and increase it rapidly because the value of properties always goes up. Also you can generate regular income from it in the form of rent. And the same rent can be used to pay off the mortgage you took to buy the property. In this way you can invest in real estate without actually having all the money at the time.

Getting a mortgage to buy property is the best way to invest. However finding the right mortgage can be tricky. That’s why you need the help of a broker. This person can help you explore all the options and then select the best one. So, the first thing you should do is find a broker you can trust. There must be many brokers in the area you live. You can ask around the area and talk to your friends about this. They will be able to help you out with this. You will have to be aware that some of the brokers biased towards certain mortgage services. Thus you should look for a genuine and trustworthy broker. You can get online help from blogs and forums that are dedicated to this. Also, you can find out some online reviews for the brokers. Finding the right one will make things much easier.

Mortgage Broker Submission

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Sample Template Preview

The Pinnacle Group, LLC.
Address, City, State, Zipcode
Phone: 254-000-0000     Fax: 254-000-0000

To:        Your Broker / Lender

From:         You or your Salesperson

Re:        Financing (for your prospect’s name)


Can you please take a look at this application to see what kind of LTV you can do
based on his score?

Borrower:         Your prospects name

Social Security #    123-45-6789

Purchase Price:    $149,500

Down Payment:      $8,000

Loan Amount:    $141,500

Property:         1234 Jones Street, Anywhere, Georgia 30005

I am attaching his application which authorizes you to pull his credit.  Please keep in mind that he states he can afford $1,250 per month so can you select a financing
program that allows his principal and interest payment to be somewhere near that figure?  Also, if he cannot get financed today, does he look like a good candidate once
he has a track record of paying for 12 months?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

You or your salesperson