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BUYING – Monster Purchase and Sale Agreement

The terms and conditions for buying monster purchase and sale agreement

The monster purchase and sale agreement, governs each sale of the product by seller to the buyers and the agreement applies only to the purchase of the product by the buyer. The agreement includes attachments amended by mutual agreement of the parties, including email proposal and acceptance by each party ‘s authorized representative. The representative will be the person who will be executing the agreement on behalf of the party by the person’s replacement.

Purchase and sale agreement

The purchase and sale agreement is an agreement which finalizes terms and conditions buying or selling a company stipulated in letter of intent. When a person buy or sell the share of a company, the purchase and sale agreement will remain a share purchase agreement. When asset of a company are brought or sold, then the agreement will be an asset purchase agreement. The final document will be binding and completed after all buyers and sellers has been finalized and neither side can be turn back, once the agreement will be finalized and executed.

What seller should be aware of

The monster purchase and sale agreement is a long legal document and it includes some key sections that each seller should be aware of and they include:

  1. Legal name and address of buyer and seller
  2. The terms and conditions used throughout the agreement
  3. The kind of transaction
  4. The purchase price and adjustment to the purchase price
  5. Payment terms and deadlines
  6. Long term liabilities, representation, warranties made by the buyer and seller.


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