Use of lot as passageway

How can one make Use of lot as passageway

When a lot is situated between two properties and is in a strategic position from where the access to the main road can be gained only through the vacant lot, then the vacant lot is assigned for the purpose of the passageway for a certain period of tie or forever. The lot can be deliberately left vacant for the same purpose when a there is a division of the property among the heirs of a deceased property owner. Another situation when the vacant lot is used as a passageway is when the owner fo a property decides to divide the property into two unequal parts, keeping the larger part for the owner and selling off the smaller part to someone else. in such a situation if there is no access to the main road directly from the smaller part of the property or the larger part of the property, the two owners may come to an agreement wherein a lot is left vacant to be used as a passageways by both the property owners.

This area cannot be used by any of the property owners for any other purpose other than that of passageway. Any other utilization of the vacant lot will be considered as an encroachment and that too an unauthorized one.

This arrangement is necessary to avoid unnecessary type of dispute between the neighbours and bring out a convenient as well as workable solution for both the parties involved in the agreement. There are many instances wherein the court of law has ordered to use the vacant lot as passageway.

Use Of Lot As Passageway

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Sample Template Preview

Use of lot as passageway.

It is agreed that _________[his or her], heirs and assigns, being the owners of lot No. _________, and _________[his or her], heirs and assigns, being the owners of lots Nos. _________ and _________, and _________[his or her], heirs and assigns, being owners of lot No. _________, shall forever have and enjoy the use in common, exclusive of all other persons, of lot No. _________ as a passageway for themselves, their servants or other deputy, to and from their respective lots and to and from the stables built and to be built for private use on their lots. In consideration of the above, the parties to this agreement mutually agree, for themselves and their respective heirs and assigns, that they will each bear, pay and discharge their equal proportion of all taxes, assessments and expenses attending the use of lot No. _________ or chargeable on the lot.