Use of Lot As Passageway 2

What type of property is used as a passageway?

There are many litigations in the civil court which are related to a small lot of land which is lying vacant and several people trying o get hold of it. The court of law is always trying to give out judgements that are in the favour of the person who is not guilty. If the lot is the only area that is being used as a communication road to the man road then it is not possible for the court to declare someone as the sole and the rightful owner of the same lot. This type of decision is against humane values as it will cut off a person or the family completely.

The lot that lies between the two property can be declared by the court to be used as a passageway when

  • It is situated between two properties
  • The access to the main road is not possible without this arrangement
  • The heirs of the property divide one property into two or more than two parts
  • The lot is nor too big neither too small
  • The use of lot as passageway is in benefit f both the parties

The use of the lot as passageway makes it useable for all the parties for the sole purpose of it suse as passageway but his does not mean that the lot will be shared legally with the other party too. The ownership of the lot will always remain with the party it was previously awarded to unless they sell the property as a whole.

Use Of Lot As Passageway

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Sample Template Preview

Use of Lot As Passageway

The whole of the vacant lot between the brick house hereby conveyed, and the house on the lot, late belonging to _________, deceased, which last mentioned house is now occupied by _________, is to be appropriated for a carriageway forever, for the benefit of the two properties between which it is situated, and running back to within _________ feet of the rear line, which carriageway or alley is to be kept free at all times from all rubbish, nothing to be thrown there but clear water, and each of the above mentioned properties, the house and the lot of land hereby conveyed, and the house and lot of land where _________ now resides, to have a private side alley, with gates affixed to them, and a double gate is to be made to the entrance of the wagon or carriage-way, which alterations or improvements are to be made as soon in ensuing spring and summer as the parties to this deed may deem expedient, the work to be done by _________ and each party to pay a proportion of keeping the same in repair.