Use of driveway

How to deal with a common driveway

The driveway is a road or access to the smaller parts of your property. Many a time people such as your neighbours may need to cross your driveway or use your driveway in order to reach their home because you may have a larger property in your name. The neighbours’ or the people’s right to access their property cannot be denied in case there is no other way of accessing it and therefore an arrangement is made till there is actually made a provision of direct road to access their own property.

This situation can many a time create bitterness among the neighbours that can last for the whole life. to avoid any such direct confrontations of this kind one must always seek legal advice instead of jumping to conclusion on their own. Legally the court sees if the use of driveway by both the parties is mandatory or not. If it is mandatory court sees if it is to be used forever or only till the time there is no provision made to access the property by the party who is not the owner of the property.

The driveway can only be used by the neighbours for the purpose of accessing their property. They do not have any legal rights of ownership on the driveway but if the court decides that the driveway will be jointly used by both the parties the owner too cannot use it for any other purpose such as construction or block it for the neighbour.

Use Of Driveway

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Sample Template Preview

Use of driveway.

_________, for and in consideration of _________, hereby gives _________ and [his or her] assigns the right to use a certain driveway on the _________ side of _________ for the purpose of driving in from _________ street to the back of the lot and to the garage over the driveway as now constructed and located on _________ side of the above described _________ and as long as this privilege of right of way is in force.