Survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries 2

How can you use Survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries

The value of land as an asset cannot be demeaned. It is one of the most valuable assets and this is why if there is any type of dispute between you and your neighbour regarding the boundary of your land then it is most likely that your relationship with your neighbour is going to become a strained one very soon.

The boundary dispute may arise due to

The negligence on part of you and your neighbour who did not pay any attention on where the land that belongs to you ends and where the land belonging to your neighbour starts.

Many a time the deed may create the dispute by both the deeds- yours and your neighbour’s stating the same portion belonging to both of you.

It is always a good idea to discuss the situation with your neighbour in a calm and peaceful environment where both of you could exchange information regarding the property and its boundary based on the legal documents and facts. Also getting a land surveyor who will survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries and give his findings. This is an important step and a very useful way of settling the disputes of this type when both the parties want to settle the matter out of court. This will present to you the factual evidences that should be acceptable to both the parties. If the survey does not solve the issue then a mediator’s help or help of a lawyer can help settle the dispute.

Survey To Settle Lost Or Disputed Boundaries
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Sample Template Preview

Survey to settle lost or disputed boundaries.

There is a controversy between the parties as to the true boundary dividing their adjoining lands.
_________ has this day selected _________, and _________ has selected _________ to survey and determine where the dividing line shall be between the parties, and to take the deeds made by _________ to _________, and by _________ to _________, and to go on the land and survey the dividing lines according to the deeds and any other evidence that _________ and _________ may deem necessary to arrive at a just and fair settlement of the dividing lines.
In the event that _________ and _________ fail to agree as to the dividing lines, they are to select a third person, and the decision of two or more persons shall be final and binding on the parties to this agreement.