Notice to excavate along common boundary

When excavation of the land is to be carried out at a place where a boundary already exists and it does not belong to you but to your neighbour and divides the two property, then you are supposed to give your neighbour notice to excavate along common boundary.

This notice is for the information of the neighbour who may otherwise object to the process of excavation fearing the falling of the boundary if the foundation loses its hold in the ground. This may lead to a situation that can lead you in the court of law and you may even need to pay your neighbour heavy compensation to your neighbour.

It is also a part of being courteous to inform the neighbour of the problem that may be cast on them if there is something being done involving their property. This will also help you keep your relations with your neighbour cordial.

The content of this notice are:

  • The date on which the notice was sent
  • The name and contact details of the person who is getting the excavation done
  • The objective of the notice
  • The main content of the notice that informs of your intentions and the work that is to be done near the neighbour’s property
  • This notice should be signed by you along with your contact details including your phone number and email Id.

Informing your neighbour in advance will help you save yourself from any litigation from your neighbour if anything goes wrong.

Notice To Excavate Along Common Boundary

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Sample Template Preview


To: ___________________________________________ (Name of adjoining landowner)

This notice is to inform you of my intent to excavate on ___________________ on the land located at ____________________________________.  This excavation on the adjoining boundary will be __________ feet deep and will extend for _______________ feet along
the property line.

__________________________________________               ____________________
Signature                                                                                     Date

__________________________________________               ____________________
Signature of Witness                                                                    Date