Agreement settling dispute as to boundary line 2

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What are the details of the Agreement for settling disputes as to the boundary line

When there are disagreements and disputes with regards the boundary lines, there is an Agreement settling dispute as to boundary line and this document is signed by both parties. They agree that the own the adjoining pieces of land and when one claims that the other has encroached on his or her land, then the parties will build a fence on that line. The expenses of the building of the fence will be shared by both parties in a certain ratio, the fence shall be at a height that both the parties agree upon.

At the start of the fence, the parties will build a cement curbing which will be till a point where the sidewalk is laid and both of the parties will use the land which lies north of the curbing and thus they can enter their own premises but will not be able to encroach on the other person’s premises and this will be in perpetuity.

If the parties build any garage or barn then they need to ensure that the water from the roof of it does not fall into the land of the other party and therefore it must be constructed away from the edge of the land which belongs to the opposing party.

It is also stated that any one of the parties can build the curbing as well as the fence and only upon showing sufficient proof and evidence of expenses, will the other party pay their share of the fence in question.

Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line