Agreement as to division of expense

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Agreement as to division of expense

The Agreement as to division of expense is a document which is signed and dated by all the parties in question. This normally consists of just two parties and these are normally the owners of the land which is adjoining. The details of the land as well as the adjoining tract are first mentioned in the agreement. This is followed by details that the surveyor can establish the line demarcating the properties of both the parties and once the surveyor has established the line, then the parties necessarily need to accept the line as the true as well as correct line of division between the tracts of land.

The costs for expenses for running of the line which is needed to demarcate the properties of the adjoining land for the owners needs to be equally shared between the parties which have agreed upon.

Once this demarcation is done, the parties need to consider this as full and final. There can be no further discussions, arguments or even quarrels regarding the demarcation. This also is a very useful Agreement as to division of expense as this is the basis for when the property needs to be sold or when the property is then bequeathed to the heirs as proof of payment of the expenses as well as it also is a proof as to the lines of the property and the entire details of the marking of the land for both the parties in question. Therefore, this needs to be well documented, signed and dated.

Agreement As To Division Of Expense