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Market Sales Analysis – Comparable

Market Sales Analysis - Comparables

Market Sales Analysis – Comparable

Market Sales analysis is a study of knowing the intricacies a particular section of a market within an industry. This type of analysis made with an understanding of the global standards. These studies help you to nail a problem in a precise manner. It gives a good chance to see your strength and weakness, as well as helps you to know how the competitor doing the business. In my opinion, market analysis is like a doctor scanning a patient body and to know the problem area. Like a doctor, once you identify the problem then it’s easy to find the solution.

This Market Sales Analysis – comparable types of analysis done by the mortgage broker in a real estate industry. If a broker wants to know the exact price of similar assets in a particular area, he will use the market comparable analysis. Because of geographic difference, Broker uses specific metrics of alike properties and finds out the precise buy or sell value of that asset. This study will allow brokers to find the fair offer.

In order to compare similar size assets, a broker identifies the peer of assets consisting of related size and price in the same area and region. After that, Brokers will collect every piece of information and calculation with another metric and come up with Benchmark price. The Benchmark is easily verifiable through online prices of various regions. Another regional price can be your bargain price. Depending on this benchmark a broker easily detects out the present selling or buying price of an asset. However, these values should not reflect the current market trend or original.

Market Sales Analysis - Comparables



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