Buyer’s List Application

The availability of online forms and the need to understand the significant service they provide

Buying a property is definitely not an easy feat and requires the constant attention of the insurance companies and the brokerage firms to be able to provide you with the best and most suitable property for you considerations. The Buyer’s List Application is almost like a publication document, where you as the prospective buyer will have to list out several details regarding your purchasing wish list.

The things included in the application form

This Buyer’s List Application definitely does not include minor property preferences but basically provides an in general idea about the number of family members of the potential buyer, details of contact information including phone number, email address and fax, the kind of property you are willing to be interested in, how will you be paying for the property and in what way and several other generic details required to get a comprehensive analysis of what kind of property would you be interested in.

Understanding the need of online forms

From the point of view of such platforms and not that of the buyer, it is difficult to get out several such documents to present to the buyers and thus the best option is to get it printed out from online platforms providing such application forms. It is prepared and made available to all those who require it. No more of spending tons of cash for the lawyers and the notary when the forms can be selected as per requirement from authentic platforms and made use of. This not only saves time and money but also gives the initiator a wide idea of what things are and how they can be worked out.

Buyer's List Application

Buyer's List Application

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Sample Template Preview


Name:__________________________   Phone (Daytime):_______________________

Mailing Address:                                           Phone (Evening):

_______________________________    Fax Number:__________________________

Email Address:___________________     Cell Phone:___________________________      _______________________________                _________________________________

What kind of property are you interested in?? (check ALL that apply)

¨    Single family            ¨   4-8 Units
¨    Two family                ¨   8-12 Units
¨    Three family             ¨   12 Units or Larger
¨    Other________________________________________

What are your EXIT STRATEGIES? Check all that apply ¨Wholesale,    ¨Rehab      ¨Rent    ¨ Lease/Opt

REHABBERS!!!  What kind of work are you willing to do?(Check all that apply)
¨    Structural (foundations, serious joist and beam repair)
¨    Mechanical (heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, roofing, gutters, cement work)
¨   Cosmetic (paint, carpet, kitchens, baths, floor covering)

What areas would you NOT purchase a property? _________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Please list any areas that you want to LIMIT YOURSELF to: _______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________

How do you PAY for your properties?  (check all that apply)
[]CASH       []Credit Lines      []Hard Money     [] Mortgage Brokers         []Other _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________

What Price Range (After Repair Value) do you seek?    Lowest $_____________________Highest $___________

How do you figure your Profit? (i.e.) 70% Rule ¨  Minimum Profit $ ______________________  Other  ¨ (explain)

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________________________

What is the most you could pay for a property if you had to close in 10 or less days? $ ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________

What else should we know about your property plans, situation, or yourself? ________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________