Prepare “agreement to execute lease” to avoid legal disputes between landlord and tenant

Are you planning to give your property for lease and would like to execute a lease with the tenant, then you have to prepare agreement to execute lease and deposit receipt. You can find this form in online or hire an attorney to get this form prepared without any kind of legal jargons. This agreement to execute lease and deposit receipt has to be prepared between tenant and landlord. It is important for both the parties to read the information written on the receipt carefully prior to signing. This receipt has to include the date on which the agreement was made between the tenant and the landlord. You need to deposit the amount and this amount has to be considered as the first month lease rent by the landlord. The receipt for the paid lease amount has to be signed by both the parties. This mutual agreement is made to avoid legal disputes between both the parties in the long run. In fact, this receipt stands as a concrete proof to be submitted in the court to resolve the disputes.

This receipt has to be kept by both the parties and it is important for you to describe about the property in the detail. It is important to include the date on which the lease agreement will start. And, it is the sheer responsibility of the landlord to prepare the lease agreement which has to include the customary clauses without any kind of legal knots. It is important to include the term period of the lease and the monthly rent that has to be paid by the tenant. If the agreement is breached by the tenant, then the landlord has to face the difficulties and it is hard for them to reimburse the loss and if the landlord violates the terms, then he/she has to pay the amount that was deposited as liquidated damage to the tenant.

Lease And Deposit Receipt

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Sample Template Preview


Dated: _______________

The LANDLORD, _____________________________________________ and _________________________________________________, the TENANT agree:

In consideration of a deposit of   $_______________ (                                             and 0/100ths Dollars dollars) which shall be credited toward the first month’s rent under a certain lease described below, and receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties mutually agree as follows:

The parties shall make, sign, execute and deliver a certain lease for the subject premises which is more particularly described as:


The execution and delivery of the lease shall take place on:


The LANDLORD shall prepare the lease, which shall contain the usual and customary clauses within the community.

The term for the rental shall be: _______________

The monthly rental shall be  $_______________ (                                                         and 0/100ths Dollars dollars)

In the event of the TENANT’s failure to execute the lease, the parties agree that the exact amount of damages to be suffered by the LANDLORD are difficult to fix, and that upon a breach by the TENANT, the LANDLORD shall be entitled to the deposit made as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty.

__________________________________  Dated: _______________

_________________________________ Dated: _______________