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Letter of Authorization

An authorization form is a legal statement that allows a third person to make decision on your behalf. If you are unable to present on the spot where the decision is need to be taken, then you can give this authority to someone else.

Gift Letter for Buyer from Family Member

There is no greater feeling than receiving a gift from someone very near and dear. Planning to buy a home is a dream for almost every person. Owning a house in a decent and nice place is probably the best thing that can happen.


Purchase and sale of property is not something new. You must have sold or purchased property before. The whole process of buying and selling is quite complicated and both the parties need to go through complicated legal process.

Property Repair Checklist 2

Property repair involves the assessment of the property that you have so that your property is safe and in good condition. It will help you to keep your property in a very good condition both if you have to live in there as well as put it on sale.


While selling a property to a buyer, the Bill of Sale plays an important role. It is very important to have this bill of sale prepared by you. The Bill of Wale clearly mentions the transactions and handing over of the property from a ‘first party’ to a ‘second party’.


Though it be buying or selling it is the most important decision for everyone. The sales of any estate that are real are initiated by the buyer to the seller. Whenever the seller accepts the offer both the seller and the buyer are bound to sign a contract.


The free property inspection checklist is printable. It covers all the essential information regarding the property. The form begins with spaces to enter the property address, district and subdivision. It covers the basic technical questions that one would like to know while inspecting the property,

Deed by Heir to Children

Having a property always comes along with the legal need to hand it over to the legal and rightful heir of the property. However, handing over can be difficult if the proper documentations and deeds are not prepared. It requires having the notice that will be sent from the owner or by the heir to the children or future heirs, in order to procure the handing over of that property and its rightful ownership.

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