Property Turnover Sheet-Land Contracts

Apartment Turn over Services

When an apartment is ready for the sale, the looks are very important. The customer must feel like it is to a new home he is moving into. His family has to be pleased. Always a warm and pleasant impression favours the sale of the apartment. Keep a property turn over sheet so one can have the checklist of the things to be done in the apartment before the new tenants check in. When somebody vacates the room or apartment, we know he leaves a huge mess behind.

in spite of the fact that holding long haul occupants by empowering recharges will lessen the recurrence of turnovers, sooner or later the most steadfast residents will shut down and go away — maybe abandoning a wreck. That is the reason having a procedure set up to make light of the length of the opportunity, while guaranteeing every unit is fit as a fiddle for new tenants, is in each landowner’s best advantage.

Now many companies offer apartment turn over services. We have to prefer shrewdly before we decide.

Have a proper inspection when the new tenant comes in. Make sure of the addendum made in the agreement. When the tenant decides to leave, it is better to have a short notice period, so that the property owner can inspect the apartment and confirms what repairs are there. Then, he can even cost the tenant for the damages made.  Property turn over sheet can be included in the contract too. Therefore, this will make the things easier.

Property Turnover Sheet

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Sample Template Preview



ADDRESS:_______________________________________  ZIP_________   KEY MAP_____



Turn on Electric (Phone : _________________)            ___________________
Turn on Gas (Phone : ______________________) —         ___________________
Is there a water meter? Turn on water                   ___________________
Install Lockbox                                         ___________________
Replace Roof?  Y____  N____ If yes, measure             ___________________
Paint – Complete or Touch Up                            ___________________
Garage Doors – OK, Repair or Replace: size__________    ___________________
Carpet – Replace or Clean                               ___________________
Trash Removal                                           ___________________
General Cleaning – Rehab or Turnover                    ___________________
Exterminate                                             ___________________
Yard                                                    ___________________
Re-key locks                                            ___________________
Security Devices Required:                          ___________________
Drop Bolts:____  Slider Pins:____  Peep Holes:____
Window latches:____  Keyless Dead bolts:____
Slider handle/bar:____  Smoke Detectors needed:#____
Batteries Replaced: #_____
Yard Sign                                               ___________________
Flyers                                                  ___________________
Street Signs                                            ___________________
Newspaper Ads                                           ___________________


PROJECT SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION DATE:                    ___________________