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Preliminary Credit Application – what are the details in it

The preliminary credit application is made by the applicant and has a number of details such as the name of the applicant, the phone numbers at work as well as the residence number along with the social security number. It informs of the address of the person and number of years the person has been staying there including the amount that is being paid for the residence. It also mentions the details of the landlord, the name, address and number of the landlord and the employer’s details including the name of the supervisor.

The details of the applicant include the income that is earned before deductions or rather the gross income which is earned monthly, the income earned from child support, social security as well as real estate.

Incase there is a co-applicant, the preliminary credit application contains details of the co-applicant including the name, phone numbers,  address, the address of the landlord and the details of the current employment of the co-applicant including the name and address of the employer and the supervisor. It also informs of the income that is earned before the deductions and details such as if rent was not paid intentionally or willfully, any details of when the income could be interrupted and incase there have been late payments during the last year.

There are details of whether the person has ever been evicted from their tenancy or if they have ever been bankrupt or had a repossession done. It also informs of details of dependants.

Preliminary Credit Application Preliminary Credit Application Preliminary Credit Application

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