Checklist for Sales with New Loans

Secure you sale transactions during processing of loans

Secured sales transactions are very important during loan processing in order to get a secured interest. To get a secured loan processing services without any delays, clients have to careful and aware of the details which they need to fulfil. With a checklist for sales transaction during the processing of a new loan, people can be benefitted to a great extent. Availing such forms and instructional guidelines has become very easily nowadays. There are many forums that are present online which provides the loan awaiting clients with various informative details as Checklist for Sales with New Loans.

Check listing sales for loans

Such forms usually states loan and closing process, credit application and credit report besides the contract agreements by the property owners and buyers. Checklist for Sales with New Loans and loan financing forms has other agreements for both the parties as well. These forms also offer other details that are related during new loan processing. Insurance refund, substitute collateral, constant follow ups and updates during loan process and inspections are to be conducted. By closing up further advertising and updating mls, online reference sites are offering to its users several benefits which they would have not been provided in the loan financing banks. Hence these pre-made informative forms come in as support for the online users.

Legitimate online platforms

Not only are these reports reliable, they also have legitimate authenticity over them. Considered as utility documents, such forms and terms are often looked upon by the people for future references and checklist during loan financing process. Thus these platforms are considered to be very reliable.

Checklist For Sales With New Loans

Checklist For Sales With New Loans

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Sample Template Preview


PROPERTY ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________


Credit Application
Application Receipt Agreement (certified funds only)
Order Credit Report
Verify Job, Rental History, Credit Report


Earnest Money Contract
Seller’s Disclosure
Lead Based Paint Addendum if built before 1978
Water District (MUD) Notice


Open Title
Send Buyer to Mortgage Company
Constant Follow-Up on Loan Process through Closing every 3-4 days
Receive and Review Title Commitment
Make Sure All Utilities are on for Inspections/Appraisal
Order Termite Report (Report only good for 30 Days)
Verify Mortgage/Lien Payoff Information
Prepare or Order Release Of Liens
Payoff Investor Or Substitute Collateral (Change In Computer)
Schedule Closing
Remove Paid-Off Liens From Scheduled Transaction Payments
Cancel Insurance-Look For Refund
Turn Off All Utilities After Closing
Check Into Escrow Account Refund-Look For Refund
Remove Signs And Pick Up Lockbox
Cancel Lawn Or Pool Service If Necessary
Terminate All Advertising, Update MLS Listing
Thank You Letter To Buyer with small gift