An indenture is a deed which is a legal document and can be upheld in any court of law. This legal document or deed is made between the grantor and the grantee. The details of both the grantor and grantee including the address and the state they reside in are also mentioned.

As per the deed, the grantor in return for a certain amount of dollars which are paid by the grantee to him or her, will acknowledge receipt of the sum. The grantor on receipt of the sum will also release any claims that he or she has to the title, interest or demands which he or she has with regards to the lot or the parcel of land or the piece of land which is situated in a the state which is mentioned.

As per the deed it also mentions that the property which is described in detail along with the privileges and the appurtenances, including the right, title as well as claims and interest. This is in terms of both the equity as well as the law. It states that it is given by the grantor to the grantee as well as to the heirs of the grantee for all perpetuity. This is to be used properly and for the benefit of the grantee.

Along with the document a testimonium clause is added, the signatures of the parties are added along with the seal. The deed is then attested and witnesses are present who acknowledge the deed and its signatures.


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Sample Template Preview



This indenture [or “deed”] made this _________ day of _________[month], _________[year] [or “_________ and _________”], between _________[name of grantor], residing at _________ in _________ in the state of _________, referred to as the grantor, and _________[name of grantee], residing at _________ in _________ in the state of _________, referred to as the grantee.
The grantor, for and in consideration of _________ dollars paid by the grantee, receipt acknowledged, remises, releases and quitclaims  to grantee, his [her] heirs and assigns forever, all the right, title, interest, claim and demand  which grantor has in and to the following described lot, piece, or parcel of land, situated in the county of _________ and state of _________, and known and described as follows: _________[describe property], together with all the appurtenances and privileges belonging or in any wise appertaining, and all the estate, right, title, interest, and claim whatever of the grantor, either in law or equity, to the only proper use and benefit, of grantee, his [her] heirs and assigns, forever.
[Testimonium clause, signature, seal, attestation of witness or witnesses, and acknowledgement, same as in §4.54.]