Hawaii-Warranty Deed 2

Prepare a warranty deed to legally transfer the property from one person to another

Do you want to convey a title to your real-estate property? Then, you have to prepare a Hawaii-Warranty Deed. You can either prepare this deed by yourself or hire an attorney to prepare this on behalf of your to avoid legal jargons. Generally, this kind of warranty deed is being used while buying a property or doing sales transactions. This deed is mandatory to be made by the grantor to ensure that the title is marketable and moreover, it gives bulletproof protection to the grantee’s title. In addition, the grantor assures the grantee that, they are ready to defend for any claims that are made by the third parties or heirs of grantor. Usually, a warranty deed includes amount, names of both the grantor and grantee along with their addresses, city where the property is located along with the clear legal description about the property, notary acknowledgement and signatures with dates of both the parties. However, after preparing this deed, both the parties have to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly prior to signing to avoid disputes in the near future.

Though, there is not a standard form for the Hawaii-Warranty Deed, but the Hawaii Administrative Rules provides the legal language that has to be used while preparing the deed.  This warranty deed transfer the title of the previous owner to the present owner and ensure the grantor that he/she is the actual owner of the property by giving a clean title that is free from risks. This warranty deed has to be carried out as per the land court system. It is important for the grantor of the deed to sign on the deed before the official acknowledge the deed. To record the property in the Bureau of Conveyances, the property mush be acknowledged by the authorized official.

Hawaii-Warranty Deed

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Sample Template Preview

Hawaii—Warranty deed.

Know all persons by these presents that _________, of _________, grantor, in consideration of the sum of ten dollars and other good and valuable consideration to him paid by _________[name in full if covered by Torrens Title], whose residence and post office address is _________,  grantee, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, does hereby grant and convey _________[insert description, including reference to Land Court Certificate of Title if property is covered by Torrens Title] unto the grantee, his heirs and assigns.
To have and to hold the same, together with the improvements thereon and the rights, easements, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaining, unto the grantee and his heirs and assigns forever.
And the grantor hereby covenants with the grantee that he is lawfully seized in fee simple of the above granted premises and has good right to sell and convey the same; that the same are free and clear of all incumbrances except for real property taxes for the year _________ which are to be prorated between the parties hereto as of the date hereof; and that he will and his heirs, executors and administrators shall warrant and defend the same unto the grantee and his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims and demands of all persons except as aforesaid.
[Insert dower release if grantor has a wife.]
In witness whereof, the grantor [“and his said wife”] has [or “have”] hereunto set his [or “their”] hand [or “hands”] this _________ day of _________[month], _________[year].
[Signature or signatures]