Arkansas Warranty Deed

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Get the warranty deed signed by the witness to make it valid

Arkansas Warranty Deed is a legal document that is prepared while transferring the ownership rights on the property to the family member or other person besides protecting the buyer from title risks in the near future. It is important for the sellers to transfer the title of the property, lands or assets to the buyer in writing than verbally. However, you can find Arkansas warranty deed forms in online. But, you need to purchase the one that is as per the statute laws of that particular state to make it valid. You can take the assistance of the lawyer to prepare this warranty deed by abiding to a warranty deed law of the state where you are residing without any kind of flaws. This warranty deed of Arkansas assures that the seller has no encumbrances and has all the rights to sell the property to the buyer. Most importantly, this deed ensure that the title is valid, clear and is transferred rightfully. This form has to be prepared in the Arkansas specific language.

This agreement, will stand as a concrete proof for transferring the grantor title of the property to the grantee. This agreement will be valid only if and only if the legal or equitable estate is in the grantor at the time of transferring the property. However, while transferring the property from grantor to grantee in a warranty deed, none of the parties have to pay taxes to the improvement district that is formed by private or public act of the general assembly. Basically, warranty deed between the parties is executed only when signed by the two witnesses. Most importantly, this warranty deed is recorded in the county record only when it is attested by the notary public, i.e. by a court or an officer. When the title of the property faces any kind of disputes, then the court in the state where the property is located will send the orders to all the people who were present while recording this county record.

Arkansas-Warranty Deed