Approval by Association

Make a consent with the association prior to modifying or erecting your building or lawn

Are you planning to reconstruct the fence of your building? Then, you first need to prepare approval by association agreement. You can either prepare this agreement by yourself by downloading the forms from the internet or can hire a lawyer to get this form prepared without leaving any room for legal jargons. Despite of having this agreement made by the association, the building owner might face objections from the association for constructing a building, fence or wall in your premises, then they can submit this concrete proof in the court and get the justice.

Generally, in a few areas, it is important for a homeowner to take the approval by association prior to building, fencing or constructing a new wall. Basically, without this approval agreement, no building, fence or wall has to be constructed or maintained. Also, they should not make any alteration to the building that has an impact on the outward premises of the building. The homeowner after making consent with the association can construct or make alteration to their building by abiding to the terms and conditions as set by the association. When you want to construct another floor on your home or a lot in your area, then you need to submit the plan, the location where you are going to construct the room and grade to the association for approval. After the consent is made between the association and owner, a copy of this agreement is kept by the association and the other copy is sent to the owner with all the terms and conditions. Furthermore, the homeowner, should construct a private garage attached to their home only after making an agreement with the association. Most importantly, they have to abide by the terms and conditions and submit the plan, material to be used, the cost and architecture to the association for approval. To erect or maintain the dwelling houses, you should first get a green signal from the association.

Approval By Association
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Sample Template Preview

Approval by association.

No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained on the premises, nor shall any change, addition to or alteration be made that shall affect the outward appearance of the premises, without [in any and every case] the written consent of _________ Association and then only in complete accordance with and conformity with the terms and conditions with respect to which the consent is given. Before consent is given to the construction of any structure on any lot or part, the plans, specifications, proposed location and the grade of the first floor shall be first submitted to _________ Association for its approval. When any plans, specifications, location and grade have been approved by _________ Association, a copy as finally approved, together with the terms and conditions under which the approval is given, shall be lodged permanently with _________ Association and a certificate of consent shall be delivered to the owner.
No private garage shall be erected or maintained in connection with any dwelling house, except a private garage attached to or built as a part of the dwelling, unless by consent first obtained in writing from _________ Association and then only on the location and in accordance with the conditions as to cost, material, plan and architecture as specified in the written consent.
The above provisions shall apply to each lot and part but shall not prevent the erection and maintenance of dwelling houses or other structures on any lot or part provided that consent of _________ Association first be obtained in the above manner.