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Work For Equity

SELLER Property Disclosure Statement

An owner or seller must reveal or disclose any material defects about the property or asset that is being sold which are not readily apparent. This kind of disclosure statement is formed to help the seller to comply with any requirements of disclosure and to also help the buyer to evaluate the property in consideration.

security deposit agreement

Usually, all Landlords expect a security deposit or damage deposit from a tenant before he moves into a property. It is a single one-time payment and is mostly a month’s rent. The money is returned with interest on the deposit which is determined by each country or city’s stipulated regulations.

Sample Yard Sign

In recent years the need of marketing a business has increased drastically. Some of big companies do not spend as much to produce as they do to market. That’s why so many new methods of promotion have been invented. Most of these new methods include the use of internet in some way or the other.

Sample Lease Expiration and Renewal Letter – Standard-Work For Equity

When you prepare a lease agreement it is generally for just a few years. After that the deal is either terminated or renewed. And it is duty of the landlord to notify the tenant about this. So, if you are a landlord and want to renew the lease that is about to expire, you should send a renewal letter to your tenants.

Sales Thank You and Gift Certificate Letter-Work For Equity

One of the best ways of growing your business rapidly is the word of mouth. If people start talking good things about your products then you will become popular very fast. For that you will first of all have to provide the best quality product and great services.

Repair Addendum-Work For Equity

If you have just started a new venture, getting clients can be very hard. No one likes to pay someone with little to no experience. But some of the entrepreneurs have found a way around this. They offer their services to their clients and take equity in return instead of money. The clients are also inclined to do so as it reduces the risk for them.

Quit – Claim Deed-Work For Equity

Quitclaim Deeds are a type of legal document which deal with the rights related to a property. These are mostly used for joint mortgage situations or in divorce cases. There are certain important points that need to be considered before going in for a quitclaim deed.

Promissory Note Credit Schedule

A Promissory Note is a legal document or instrument through which a party makes the promise in writing to pay a particular amount of money to the other party at a particular time or in intervals as is determined by both.

Option Agreement

An Option Agreement is a document or agreement which is done between a landowner or property owner and a prospective buyer. It is usually done for an amount of money or deposit which is not refundable

New Property or New Tenant Info-Work For Equity

Before the date of a tenancy begins a landlord must provide all basic information relating to the property and the terms of the tenancy.

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