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Property Repair Checklist 2

Property repair involves the assessment of the property that you have so that your property is safe and in good condition. It will help you to keep your property in a very good condition both if you have to live in there as well as put it on sale.


The free property inspection checklist is printable. It covers all the essential information regarding the property. The form begins with spaces to enter the property address, district and subdivision. It covers the basic technical questions that one would like to know while inspecting the property,

Subcontractor Bid Request Form And Standardized Scope of Word

the contractor can outsource some or all parts of it to make things easier and simpler. The people thus hired are called subcontractors.Most of the times, they are hired via a bidding process. If you are willing to get a subcontract work,

Subcontractor Agreement

The big companies and even individuals often hire contractor in order to make things simpler. And nowadays even the contractors hire some subcontractors to get some parts of the job done. This type of outsourcing has actually made things much simpler and more efficient for all the people involved in a project.

Scope Of Work

When you are getting into an agreement as a client or as a service provider, you should make sure that the scope of work (SOW) is described in detail in the paperwork. The contract mostly consists of the general terms and info like names of the parties,

Rehab Planning Schedule

If you are planning to invest in real estate market, a rehab can be a great option. You can buy an old building at a very low price.Then you will have to restore it and make it fit for use. There are many things that have to be done for this.

Rehab Accounting Log

This business can be very profitable if done properly. The old buildings can be bought at a very low price. But you will have to spend a significant amount to make it suitable for living or for commercial use.

Punch Out List

When you are going to hire a contractor for the construction of your house or property, you must discuss all the tasks that have to be fully completed. You should also discuss how you are going to make the payments.


Real estate is the most common form of security for a bank loan. You can get loan against your office, second home or even the house you are living in. Even the banks prefer property as security because it is easy to sell out if the person fails to payback.

Property Inspection Exterior

Getting your own house built from ground up is not an easy task. Even just getting it renovated can be very hard. You will have to make sure that everything goes as per your plan. Not only it will have to complete in time but also it should be the house of your dreams.

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