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Assignment of Option Agreement

If you are planning to invest in real estate you might know how much important it is to take care of all legal formalities. Yes, absolutely right. When you plan to purchase a property from a seller there are end number of formalities that you need to go through.

warranty deed

Warranty deed is a deed that is signed by the person who is selling a piece of real estate to another person declaring that the piece of real estate that is being sold by him or her is in his or her name.


Testimonial letter is actually a character certificate from someone with whom you have worked for some time. The testimonial letter describes your character, your abilities, your ways of dealing with people and situations,

Straight Option

The option is a great way of selling and buying a real estate property. In this the seller sells the property to the buyer who in turn markets the property till he or she gets the property sold. The seller is then paid the price of the property by the buyer.

Release of Option — MUTUAL RELEASES-Options

The mutual release is a great way of releasing the two parties of different responsibilities in respect to each other. The mutual release is issued when the contract of any kind is severed mutually.

perf mortgage addendum-option

Performance mortgage addendum is usually in continuation to the price and terms of purchase agreements between the seller and buyer for the property. This buyers mortgage financing plays a very significant part. As part of the purchase agreement,


If you want to buy a home, there are so many things that you have to consider. Unless you take the help of Pro-Buyer guide, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best option. Pro buyers can help you through their services and let you decide the best options easily.

Notice of Intent to Exercise Option

Have you took any space for lease and would like to extend your lease period? Then you have to write Notice of Intent to Exercise Option agreement with your landlord. However, there are many Notice of Intent to Exercise Option forms available in online.

Mortgage Broker Submission-option

Would you like to prepare Mortgage broker submission form? Then, the best way is to research extensively in online and pull out the professional format that includes all the terms and conditions clearly.

Loan Authorization 1

Are you searching for a loan authorization 1format? Then pick the best format from a reliable site to prepare the agreement on your own instead of relying on the attorneys. Generally, this loan authorization letter is given by a person to another genuine

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