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Environmental Protections

Notice to Sue

Before you want to start court proceedings, it is important that a notice to sue also called as a notice of intention to sue needs to be given to the other party. However, this Notice To Sue does not apply when there is a counterclaim or a third party claim or even a non compliance claim

Management of Nature Preserve Lease

In the Management Of Nature Preserve Lease the agreement states that the lease is drawn up between the Nature Conservancy and the party from the date it is to be enforced to the date it needs to be terminated.

Landowner Cooperative Agreement

The Landowner Cooperative Agreement is the agreement which is made between the individual and the commission which is the administrative agency of the state.  This Landowner Cooperative Agreement is signed so that there would be protection,

Landmark Designation Agreement-Tribune Tower, Chicago

The Landmark Designation Agreement-Tribune Tower, Chicago determines that for the city’s best interest, the structures which have either architectural, aesthetic or historical value or interest, needs to be preserved, protected, identified, encouraged and enhanced.

Historic District Facade Servitude

Historic District Façade Servitude is there as this is a means of encouraging historic structures to be preserved in the United States. In the Historic District Facade Servitude the owner is not allowed to change the exterior portion of the property without getting permission from the easement holder.

Forever Wild Easement

Conservation Easements are legally binding between landowners as well as the government agency and the land trust. This limits the use of the land so that the conservation values are protected.

Conservation Easement-Environmental Protections

Conservation Easement is called conservation servitude or even conservation restriction. This is the power which is given to a qualified private organization for land conservation. This is also known as a land trust and the municipal, county,

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