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Termination of Contract by Purchaser 2

Termination of Contract by Purchaser 2

How important it is know if you can cancel the contract?

There are many property purchasers who are always in a dilemma when it comes to actually buying a property. There are many concerns that put them in a dilemma and they are:

  • Is the property the right one for them?
  • Is it going to be fruitful to buy this property?
  • Should I buy this one or that one?
  • Should I wait a little more or search a little more?

All these and many more questions come into the minds of people. These questions are important and must be asked because buying a property is a huge investment and unless you are 100% sure you must not jump to decisions. This is why many customers try to cancel the contract even though they have signed it. This may be a problem if you had not thought about this scenario in beginning while you were signing the contact.

You must ask your lawyer about the policy about termination of contract by purchaser. You must even ask the seller about the terms and condition that may apply if you at all change your mind and do not want to buy the property any more.

There are many experienced sellers who know about the apprehensions of the buyers and would be prepared to answer each and every question that you ask but also there are many who do not want answer such things and in such cases you must not sign the contract at all. It is your sole decision to buy or not to buy.

Termination of Contract by Purchaser 2

Sample Termination of Contract by Purchaser 2 Form Template


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