Stock Exchange

All about stock exchange that you want to know

The stock exchanges are the places where the traders and stock brokers can buy or sell the stocks of different companies. These stocks are known by the name of shares. There are many other financial instruments such as securities that can be issued and redemptions can be made.

The history

The stock exchanges are not a new thing. Even in the 11th century AD in France there were agricultural commodities that were traded and the transactions were regulated by the officials appointed for this purpose.

These days there are several big stock exchanges from where the world economy and its direction gets regulated. The transactions or exchange of the shares happens in two ways- on the floor and electronically

On the floor exchanges are the physical changes.

Electronic exchanges are the exchanges that happen over the electronic media and this may happen anywhere in the world.

Before any company’s shares can be exchanged it has to get listed with a stock exchange. For this listing there a few criteria that they need to fulfil such as minimum

  • number of share
  • amount of market capitalization
  • annual revenue generated by the company

If your company is a small one you will be listed with one stock exchange only but f the company is a giant then they may be listed with several stock exchanges in the world.

The trading hours

For all the stock exchanges there are trading hours during which the exchanges and transactions can be made. Beyond this time no transactions are allowed.

Stock Exchange

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Sample Template Preview

Stock exchange.

The facts being that an effort is being made to secure the location of _________ Stock Exchange in a building to be erected upon lot _________ in block _________, original Town of _________, with a view of benefiting property interests in that vicinity, and in order to induce it to locate there it will be necessary to offer a large amount of valuable office and room space, not less than _________ square feet, free of rent, therefore it is proposed to erect upon the land a new fireproof building, with quarters adapted to the purposes of _________ Stock Exchange, and to furnish the same to it as stated:
Now, therefore, we, the undersigned, owners of buildings in the neighborhood of that property, do severally agree to pay, annually, the sums set opposite our respective names for and during the time that _________ Stock Exchange shall actually occupy the entire space of _________ square feet, or more, on the first or second floor, or both, of the proposed building, as its general stock exchange room in which its stock exchange business is transacted, the occupation to be continuous and free of rent, and the payments are not to continue beyond the period of _________ years; the payments to be in consideration of the benefits to us of the location, and to be paid in equal quarterly instalments to the owner or owners of the premises where the stock exchange shall be located, upon satisfactory evidence being given as to who the owners may be, when required, towards providing a fair rental to the owners of the property for the space to be occupied by stock exchange free of rent, provided one of the main entrances to the main stock exchange room shall be from _________ Street. The building is to be erected and occupied by stock exchange on or before _________[date].