Site Conditions

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How Site conditions can affect the bidding process

When a contractor is bidding for a construction project it is very important that the site conditions are checked and studied in detail. Almost all the construction project need to be assessed based on the condition of the site. You can bid for the project only when you know about the working conditions, the type of land and soil and the dangers that may be involved. For this reason many a tie the bidders are also provided with a stipend to check the site conditions.

How site conditions affect the project

The sites of construction can be of any type and one must bid considering all the aspects related to it such as

  • Delay of schedules
  • Increase in the cost of construction
  • The working conditions which may be dangerous

The site conditions can also lead to your design becoming invalid as well as cause a risk to your reputation by decreasing your performance.

Many project owners may want to save money and not disclose the site conditions and this is not in the favour of the contractor. So you must take the services of an agency that deals in site inspection and delivers you the correct condition of the site.

They have many types of professionals working with them such as a geologist, an engineer and several construction professionals that can do the assessment for you and bring out the real quality of the construction site so that you can bid with correct information in hand.

Site Conditions