Grading Contract

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Grading contract: a new way to teach students

When a student does not get the grades that he or she desire for then there are many questions that are put in front of the instructor. These questions are endless and are mainly over the outcome of the efforts and not relating to efforts that were put in. This is why some teachers have come out with this innovative idea of grading contract.

This is a simple contract that the entails all the requirements of getting a particular grade in the class. It is believed that this contract eliminates some of the subjectivity from the process of grading.

This system is also not a fool proof system to either get the students to study and participate in the class more. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this kind of contract

Advantages of grading contract

  • The students take more interest in the class
  • They figure out what it take to get that particular grade
  • They become aware of what they were doing wrong
  • The subjectivity of the grading can be reduced

Disadvantages of grading contract

  • The instructors may have to work even more
  • The flexibility of work by the students is reduced

This idea of contract based grading can only be helpful for the students who are not motivated enough to attend classes as well as make them be a part of the activities that are being conducted in the class but producing outstanding work and quality work will not be achieved by this system.

Grading Contract

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