Cost-plus Contract

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Cost-Plus Contract

At what time it is impossible or hard to guess the complete cost of a remodeling or construction project in advance, you might need to work on a cost-plus contract together with the contractor. Cost-plus contract is a substitute to lump sum or fixed – price contracts that enable more transparency and greater flexibility for the possessor of a property. However, risk is abridged for the contractor, since a cost-plus contract assures a profit.

In a cost-plus contract for a construction project, the purchaser concurs to face the real expenditures of the project. These costs consist of materials and labor, as well as other costs sustained to finish the work. The “bonus” part denotes a flat price agreed upon beforehand that covers the profit and overhead of a contractor.

In general cost-plus contracts give complete permission to the purchaser to check accurately what the operating costs are. A number of cost-plus contracts consist of a definite highest price.


In general, owner has a preference to cost-plus contracts in case they wish for the elasticity to make variations with the progression of a project. In case you or your trade does not have enough experience in the construction projects or else you are running on a limited budget, then you might be more affluent with a fixed price, because there is inevitable doubt regarding the final outlay of a project valued on the basis of cost-plus. But eventually, cost-plus-contract gives a win-win position for the contractor since it covers all the risks.

Cost-Plus Contract

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