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Title search is one of the most important pre-requisite before entering into any sort of transaction with regard to a property. Title search envisages that you hire a professional to check and ensure that the title of any person to a property is clear and unencumbered. It encompasses checking the flow of one’s title over the property, as to how and when do one purchase or acquires the property? Whether the title of such person over the property is property recorded and registered in the relevant records? Whether the title of such person is clear and free of any third party / revenue claims.

Not only in the event of sale or purchase, but also when any loan or advance is made basis the security of such property, it is incumbent upon the lender to ensure that the title search over such property is clear and free from any defects with regard to the title.

A title search will clearly demonstrate as to who is the owner of the property and since when such person is the owner of that property. It will also evince as to whom such property will devolve in the event of death of the owner. In modern times, it is of utmost significance to undertake a proper and thorough title search over a property before entering into any sort of transaction over the property. It gives a fair idea as to the ownership, rights and title of the owner and the manner in which it can devolve onto another.


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