Provision as to future removal or destruction of building

Provision as to future removal or destruction of the building

The buildings are meant to stand for several tens of years. But due to the forces of nature as well as the natural destruction process the building in due course of time may become useless and dangerous. It is at this time that the demolition of building may be decided upon. There are deals and leases that are in force till the time the building and its walls are erect. When the building is demolished the right of the property of the building owner also demolishes and a new contract has to be signed.

The owner of the building can exercise his rights so long as the building remains in a good condition. As soon as the building starts showing signs of deterioration and becomes dangerous for the people in and around the building the building is better off if it is demolished instead of trying to get along with he building.

The owner who enjoyed the full rights over the land when the building was erected does not have any rights over the land as soon as the building is destroyed in the demolition process. It is mainly dependent on the walls of the property or building that how long the owner of the building will enjoy and earn from that building.

This agreement does not have a definite time period but is dependent on the condition of the building and its durability. So the owner of the building has to get the building made strong enough so that he can enjoy it for longer.

Provision As To Future Removal Or Destruction Of Building
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Provision as to future removal or destruction of building.

_________ agrees that so long as the building shall remain standing, _________ shall have the right to have the building now erected, overlap and extend beyond the north line of the land of _________, and to encroach and rest on the land of _________ to the same extent and in the same manner as the building now overlaps and encroaches on the land of _________. This agreement shall remain in force and effect only so long as the present wall of the building shall remain standing, and that on removal or destruction of the wall, all rights of _________ under this agreement, shall cease and determine.