Ninety-nine-year term

What is a 99 year lease ?

A ninety nine year lease as per the historic common law is the longest term that is possible to lease out property for. In today’s world however, it is no longer applicable in most common law jurisdictions. However, these ninety nine year lease still is enforced as a business practice and as part of conventional use.

The ninety nine year lease did not actually mean it literally but it meant a long time duration which is beyond the expectancy of living of the lessee or even the lessor. Normally, there were leases which used to state 40 years. This 40 year lease was based on the Mirror of Justice. However, then there were also other leases in very early times like of the time of King Edward III which had leases which used to last for 300 years or even 1000 years.

As per several countries and even several states in the US, a 99 year lease is the lease for the longest contract for realty and that is by statute. There are many shorter terms and some infinite terms of the leases as well.

In the civil law regimes though ninety nine year leases have been very common and this also is common when it comes to concession of territory. These concessions normally last for the same period or rather for 99 years in total and hence the term ninety nine year lease.

In this it is possible to lease a automobile driveway without allowing parking for a period of 99 years

Ninety-Nine-Year Term

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Sample Template Preview

Ninety-nine-year term.

_________ leases to _________ for a period of 99 years the right to use jointly with _________ the automobile driveway for passenger automobiles located _________, and _________ agrees to do no parking on the premises.