Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants 4

What are the reasons for Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants

The Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants are documents which serve as documented evidence and these are usually agreements which are made between the government and the signors who are usually the owners of the property. In this Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants the signers agree that the government has created a corner that is in the sections which are provided in the Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants and these sections are in the townships mentioned and the exact location as per the map co-ordinates are mentioned in the county and state.

It states that the landowners who are affected or even all parties who are affected by establishing of the section corner as well as the lines which run to the section corner will abide by the decisions which have been taken by competent surveyors and that too not just one surveyor but three of them need to decide and as per which the landowners and the parties which are in question need to adjust their fences as per the details which are given by the three surveyors. These document need to be agreed upon and complied by all the landowners as well as all those who are affected by the corner and the corner sections. Once they have agreed upon it, they need to sign and date it and then it becomes a legal and binding document on them and on their heirs and their representatives in the future as well. This is necessary as they have to adjust their property lines. 

Joint Driveway Agreements And Grants

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Sample Template Preview

To establish section corner.

This agreement made _________, _________[date], between the signers for the purpose of determining to the satisfaction of all parties concerned where the government has established a corner between sections _________ and _________ in township _________ north, range _________ east, _________ County, State of _________.
The undersigned landowners and parties affected by establishment of the section corner and lines running to the section corner, agree to abide by the decision of three competent surveyors in establishment of the section corner and agree to adjust fences accordingly.
[Date and Signature]