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What are Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants

The Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants are made between two parties and in exchange for some consideration which is given, one of the parties grants the other, as well as his or her heirs the use of a portion of the ground which is off the cardinal point of the property and this usually also mentions where the property is and that this strip is to be considered as part of a joint driveway which is located between the properties of both parties. This is the Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants.

As per this, the second party agrees that they and their heirs will use the driveway jointly alongwith the first party and their heirs.

As per the Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants the second party constructs the joint driveway and this could be either by a solid concrete slab or whatever means and that will extend from the inside of the curb and it will extend across the parking even to the sidewalk. This will be constructed along with a wall which will protect the sidewalk and the property of the first party. The details of the wall, the height, the material it is to be constructed of too needs to be mentioned, and the details of the turnaround which would be in the property of the second party. As per this, the granting of the reservation of the driveway as well as the right of way is to be mentioned with the easement of titles and licenses.


Joint Driveway Agreements And Grants