Agreement settling dispute as to boundary line

What is the Agreement for settling disputes as to the boundary line

When the parties want to settle disputes among themselves with regards the boundary line especially when one feels that the other has encroached on the other person’s land, they sign what is known as an Agreement settling dispute as to boundary line.

This is an agreement which is dated and signed between the disputing parties. They can be two or more of such parties but all need to enter into an agreement. In which the details of the owners as well as the properties in question are mentioned.

The agreement states that the parties feel that the boundary lines are controversial and the boundary they feel which is the most subject to controversy is then stated. In this agreement, the parties then need to agree as they are not certain as to the exact boundary line, the fence which now subsists and divides the property is henceforth to be considered as the division line of the property.

As per the agreement, irrespective of what the actual boundary line was when the property was divided initially, the fence which is currently in existence serves as the demarcation and the fence henceforth is not to be moved or changed in anyway so as to make changes to the property boundary line.

This once signed is an agreement not only between the owners of the property but also for their heirs and progeny as well as this is something which will mark the property for all eternity.

Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line

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Sample Template Preview

Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line.

Agreement made _________, _________[date], between _________, of _________, and _________, of _________.
There is a controversy between parties to this agreement as to the boundary lines of their respective adjoining properties, including in part [describe disputed boundaries]. Parties agree, because of the uncertainty of the true boundary line, that the fence now subsisting and dividing their respective properties shall be and remain the division line of their properties irrespective of what may be the true boundary line.