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Surveyor’s Report and Certification

Surveyor's Report and Certification

What is the Surveyor’s Report and Certification

The Surveyor’s Report and Certification is addressed to the insurance company that holds the title and it informs that a physical survey is made of the premises which is mentioned. The details of the property which has been surveyed is mentioned. Then it is stated that based on the inspection made, as well as a latter inspection made on the date mentioned, that it was found that the property was in possession of either the tenant or the owner.

It states that based on the last inspection made, the details with regards the rights of way, the details of the highways, abandoned roads, driveways, lanes, water pipes and sewers are mentioned which are over the property and premises.

It mentions about the rivers, ponds, streams, springs or even lakes which either border the property or are in the premises, it mentions details of the family burial grounds or cemeteries on the property. It mentions about electric power poles, telegraph lines, wires, telephone lines which cross the property.

The survey mentions details of disputed boundaries as well as whatever encroachments are there. It mentions of the building construction as well as repairs or alterations which have been undertaken in the recent months.

Surveyor’s Report and Certification also mentions of the possession lines as well as the building, it informs of the walls – if they are dependent or if they are party walls and whatever beam rights are there.

The Surveyor’s Report and Certification informs all about the details of the survey certificates as well as courses and distances which are there.

Surveyor's Report and Certification

Surveyor's Report and Certification


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