Offer to Purchase Real Estate

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BE IT KNOWN, the undersigned ___________________________________________ of ______________________________________________________ (Buyer) offers to purchase from _______________________ of ________________________________ (Owner), real estate known as _____________________________________________
City/Town of _________________________, County of ________________________, State of _____________________________, said property more particularly described as: ___________________________________________________________________
and containing ____________________ square feet of land, more or less.

The purchase price is:            $ ________________
Deposit herewith paid:        $ ________________
Upon signing sales agreement:    $ ________________
Balance at closing:                    $ ________________
Total purchase price:                           $ ________________

This offer is subject to Buyer obtaining a real estate mortgage for no less than;
$_________________________ payable over _______ years with interest not to exceed _____% at customary terms within ____________ days from date hereof.

The broker to this transaction is ________________________________ who shall be paid a commission of _______________ by seller upon closing.

This offer is further subject to Buyer obtaining a satisfactory home inspection report and termite/pest report within ___________ days from date hereof.  Said property is to be sold free and clear of all encumbrances, by good and marketable title, with full possession of said property available to Buyer.

The parties agree to execute a standard purchase and sales agreement on the terms
contained herein, within ______________________ days.

The closing shall be on or before ____________________ (month & day), ____ (year)
at the deed recording office.

Signed this _______ day of ____________________ (month), ___ (year).

In the presence of:

__________________________________       __________________________________
Witness                                                Broker

_________________________________       __________________________________
Witness                        Buyer


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