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Counter Offer

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Counter offer made easy for you

It is a type of offer that is made in a response to another offer that has not been accepted. This revises the initial offer and makes it more appealing for the person who is to make new offer. Accepting a counteroffer will allow you to decline the offer that has been made previously. This gives ample time to negotiate.

A counter offer is mainly made by the seller after a buyer has submitted his quote to purchase a property. And this will also state that the offer by a buyer has been accepted by the seller that too with certain considerations like;

  • Total of the considerations that is generally of higher price.
  • There is an increase of size in the deposit of earnest money.
  • Refuse to pay some fees.
  • Change in the service provider.
  • One can alter closing or the date of possessions.
  • One can exclude all of the property that is personal.
  • Modifying the timeframes of the unforeseen events.

Only a seller can offer a counter offer to a buyer and a buyer can offer a counter to the counter offer by the seller that will become a counter- counter offer or as counter offer No. 2. These counter offers contains expirations that too similar to purchase offers. A seller can accept many offers while the buyer can decide on the agreement of the counter offer that is made to him.

Counter Offer



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