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Rent agreement

 Free month to month lease form is a simple rent agreement that is prepared by the landlord before handing over his own property to the tenant for his use. Who does not want to live in his own house? But not all people are equally lucky to own a house and lead a lavish life. Such people who cannot afford their own houses are found to stay in rented flats or homes. In such cases the original owner of the house lent out the premises to the renter in return of the promise that the tenant would pay a certain some of money every month to the owner. There are also some more conditions that the tenant needs to abide by under any circumstances. The most important of them all is that he cannot use the premise for any illegal activity or to run a business. He can reside there and pay monthly rent to the landlord within the fixed date of each month.

The tenant also needs to deposit a certain sum of money that is agreed upon by both the party as security deposit to the landlord. The deposit is not countable as rent and the same are returnable when the tenant hands over the premise to the landlord in perfect condition.

Printable real estate forms are a common form that needs to be filled by both the party with full signature. Managing the legal paper in right way is very important. So next time when you lease out your property to some one do not forget to make him sign the rent agreement.

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_________________________________________, referred to as LANDLORD, and _________________________________________, referred to as TENANT, agree:

LANDLORD rents the following premises to TENANT under the terms and conditions stated herein:


on a month to month tenancy. The TENANCY may be terminated by either party giving notice no later than on the 15th. of the month, to be effective the first of the next month.

TENANT shall pay rental in the amount of
$_______________ (                                                                           and 0/100ths Dollars dollars) on the 1st day of each month, in advance and without demand or set off. TENANT shall deposit  $_______________ (                                                             and 0/100ths Dollars dollars) as a security deposit which shall be held and returned under the conditions provided in the law applicable to the same in _______________. The same shall not be applied to rental.

The premises shall be solely used by TENANT as a residence and TENANT shall not engage in any business, or in any hazardous activity which may increase the fire hazard on the premises.

The TENANT has examined the premises, and that they are in good order and condition.

TENANT shall not assign or sublease the premises unless prior written approval is granted by the LANDLORD. TENANT further agrees not make any alterations to the building or premises without the prior written consent of the LANDLORD. TENANT shall not abandon the premises. In the event that the TENANT is absent from the premises for more than 30 days, or in the event that TENANT explicitly abandons the premises the LANDLORD shall have the option to re-rent the premises or deem the action to be an anticipatory repudiation of the contract and bring an action for any rental unpaid, or for the entire term.

All necessary utility services shall be the responsibility of the TENANT. The TENANT shall occupy the premises in accordance with all laws and regulations pertaining thereto. TENANT shall return the premises to the LANDLORD at the termination of tenancy in the same condition as received, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

Unless with the prior consent of the LANDLORD TENANT shall not keep any pets or animals.

This lease shall terminate in the event that the premises are destroyed, other than negligence of the TENANT, or upon taking of the property under legal authority of eminent domain.

In all other regards, this lease shall be subject to the terms of the landlord and tenant law related to unfurnished dwellings of the state of _______________.

Dated: ______________________________


Dated: ______________________________


Dated: ______________________________


Dated: ______________________________


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